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Concrete Cleaning Gold Coast QLD

A typical job of concrete cleaning on the Gold Coast would be de-greasing factory floor cleaning, car park cleaning (shopping centres), strata buildings basement, service station and mechanical workshops, garage floors, loading dock areas, refinery cleaning, tank cleaning, flood cleaning, driveway cleaning, (drive-thru restaurants) oil or paint spill cleaning.  

We utilize hot water high-pressure cleaning machinery both push systems and a ride on scrubbing machine with water suction.

Warehouse concrete floor cleaning, using high-pressure water cleaning to clean your hardstand surfaces using our water capture system to minimize wastewater pollution.

Using a ride on high-pressure water machine will leave a deeper and brighter clean and have the job completed in half the time, saving money. We also clean loading docks removing all safety hazards, slip hazards, oil and unsightly filth from these environments, truck unloading areas, stairs, metal thread plated stairs, block wall cleaning, garbage bins areas, rubbish bins, building washing, entry areas, food eatery areas, toilet area sanitation.

Warehouse Acid Resistant Floor Coatings

If you have a warehouse concrete floor, the chance is you have a forklift. This can create problems for facility managers in terms of a forklift battery acid and oils that tend to leak from them onto the concrete we can help with this by offering acid-resistant concrete floor painting services. We have painted countless battery stations for customers just like you.

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