Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning
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Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning

Looking for an experienced pressure cleaning company on the Gold Coast QLD who can clean any size jobs for homeowners to commercial industrial clients?

Well look no more our experience over the years has seen us clean entire sports stadiums like CBUS, government buildings, shopping centres, council footpaths, private hospitals, petrol stations, strata driveways and carparks, large factory floors, high rise building facades, tennis and sports hard court surfaces and many house washing jobs we have completed. 

As a professional pressure cleaning company servicing the Gold Coast QLD for nearly 20 years with well trained staff to get the job done right the first time. We are 100% fully insured.

Concrete - We can clean any size concrete areas from home driveways to large hardstand areas.

Pavers - Brick or concrete pavers can be restored back to looking new again, it's not about how much pressure you have but the technique to be able to remove the dirt without affecting the underlay of the pavers.

Driveways - Over the years we have cleaned many types of driveways from general grey concrete, pebblecrete, stencilcrete, stamp concrete driveways, bitumen, pavers for many various customers.

Carparks - Our carpark cleaning services cater to shopping centres, commercial carparks, building underground car parking stations, we can clean the walls, the underside of the roof, pipes and lightning removing oil and carbon.

Buildings - Building facade cleaning varies depending on the size of the building, various high reach methods we use are mobile towers, rope access and high reach cleaning poles for high rise building clean.

Houses - Using our cleaning services for your next house wash will make it shine again, we can clean from your roof down to the kerbside meaning we can clean all your hard surfaces around your home including gutters, fascia boards, walls, verandahs, paths, driveway area, garden walls, rocks, fences, even timber furniture we can clean.

Factory Floors - Cleaning a factory or warehouse floor all depends on the industry that has used the floor, heavy industries will leave the factory floor heavily soiled, as opposed light industries where most of the cleaning is general dust.

Metal Awning - We can clean all types of metal awnings from the rooftop to the underside of the awning structure removing cobwebs, mould, insect marks and any unsightly marks that should not be on the structure.

Business Signage - Improving your business appearance could be as simple as cleaning your advertising signage at your place of business, if your signage has darkened over time from general air pollution we can make it bright again. 

Oil Spill Cleaning - We can contain oil spills and capture all waste to be disposed of at a registered waste station.

Contaminated Sites - Contaminated sites may be caused by a variety of substances, we can wash down all contaminated areas, and capture contaminated waste to be disposed of in accordance with environmental protection authority regulations.

Concrete Sealing - Yes we seal concrete of all shapes and sizes from a general home driveway and paths to large warehouse and factory floor sealing, we offer a variety of protective coating, on porous concrete floors we can apply dust reducing sealers, sealers these days come in a variety of colour options. 

Sports Surface Cleaning - We clean tennis courts, netball courts, basketball courts, cricket pitches for clubs, councils, hotels and privately owned surfaces.

Tile Floors - Tile floors we clean are mostly tiles on verandahs, inside toilet amenity blocks, walkway areas & shop fronts.

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